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PostgreSQL Developer's Guide

PostgreSQL Developer's Guide

Author: Ibrar Ahmed, Asif Fayyaz, Amjad Shahzad
Year: 2015
Format: PDF
Pages: 270
Views: 1057

1,61 MB

About This Book

- Design efficient, real-world database solutions and extend your knowledge of database concepts.
- Learn how to program using native PostgreSQL procedural languages to write custom functions.
- Explore database partitioning and learn about query optimization techniques.

Who This Book Is For

If you are a database developer who wants to learn how to design and implement databases for application development using PostgreSQL, this is the book for you. Existing knowledge of basic database concepts and some programming experience is required.

What You Will Learn

- Refresh your knowledge of SQL with PostgreSQL-supported DDL and DML.
- Explore native PostgreSQL procedural languages and learn how to write custom functions.
- Leverage the power of indexes for optimal database efficiency.
- Unfold tricky trigger concepts and implement them in native procedural languages.
- Discover how to implement views, partitioned tables, and window functions in PostgreSQL.
- Design efficient queries with query optimization and query analysis.
- Communicate with PostgreSQL servers using foreign data wrappers such as LibPQ and ECPG.
- Extend database powers using foreign data wrappers and achieve maintainability via PostgreSQL extensions.

In Detail

PostgreSQL is an enterprise-level database that competes among proprietary database vendors, owing to its remarkable feature set and reliability without the expensive licensing overhead.

This book is a comprehensive and pragmatic guide to developing databases in PostgreSQL. Beginning with a refresher of basic SQL skills, you will gradually be exposed to advanced concepts, such as learning how to program in native PostgreSQL procedural languages, implementing triggers, custom functions, and views. You will learn database optimization techniques such as query optimization and indexing while exploring extensive code examples. Lastly, you will explore foreign data wrappers, implementing extensibility, and improving maintainability.

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