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Always will be ready notify the world about expectations as easy as possible: job change page
Created: Sep 14, 2023
Ted Spence

Can we solve the usability problems of the humble update API? At its heart an API must solve five core problems, affectionately known as CRUD plus querying. Your API allows developers to create, retrieve, update, and delete information — queries being a special type of retrieve action. Compared to the complexity of queries, the main CRUD methods are often considered trivial. Are they, though? For a relational database, a single update can...

Created: Feb 6, 2023
Sajal Soni

In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to build a simple REST API with PHP and MySQL. REST has become the de facto standard when it comes to exposing data via APIs and building web services. In fact, most web applications these days access and expose data via REST APIs. With the popularity of front-end frameworks that can consume REST APIs effortlessly, it’s always going to be a plus for you...


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