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Information systems development
Soft skills: 18 самых важных навыков, которыми должен владеть каждый работник
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Содержание Что такое софт скиллс История появления Важность soft skill Кому нужны мягкие навыки Чем...
3 days ago
20 advanced SQL techniques
Views: 537
Mastering SQL with practical examples SQL is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating data in relational databases. While basic SQL queries are essential, mastering advanced SQL queries empowers data professionals...
May 24
The 50 best CI/CD tools all DevOps teams should know in 2024
Views: 252
Discover the best CI/CD tools for your stack — including tools to help manage and optimize your continuous integration and delivery pipelines. The modern software development lifecycle comprises two key phases:...
one week ago
Deep dive into .NET REST API security
Views: 134
Delve into securing .NET REST APIs against cyber threats with a focus on JWT, OAuth, SSL/TLS, and role-based authorization. This guide emphasizes for real-time monitoring and security assessments, ensuring your...
2 days ago
Hands-On Unity 2022 Game Development, 3rd Edition
Learn to use the latest Unity 2022 features to create your first video game in the simplest way possible
Hands-On Unity 2022 Game Development, 3rd Edition
Author:Nicolas Alejandro Borromeo
May 21
Security for Containers and Kubernetes
Learn how to implement robust security measures in containerized environments
Security for Containers and Kubernetes
Author:Aversa Luigi
Apr 2
Full Stack GraphQL Applications
With React, Node.js, and Neo4j
Full Stack GraphQL Applications
Author:William Lyon
18 марта 2023 • video
BMW Group Annual Conference 2023 - Our Immersive Experience
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5 марта 2023 • video
.NET 6 ASP.NET Core Web API CRUD with Angular 13
Просмотров: 2861
30 апреля 2022 • video
BMW Group IT | Experience Industry 4.0 | BMW Group Careers
Просмотров: 2823
28 апреля 2022 • video
Пишем полифилы на JavaScript (map, reduce, flat)
Просмотров: 3318

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