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2 days agoarticles
Why your code is so hard to understand
Views: 158
“What the hell was I thinking?!?” It’s 1:30AM and I am staring at a piece of code I wrote no more than a month ago. At the time it seemed like...
3 days agoarticles
Coravel - Easy task scheduling for your .NET web apps
Views: 536
Sometimes you need to run scheduled tasks for your .NET web app. Automated report creation, status checks, routine admin tasks, that sort of thing. I spent the last few weeks migrating Practical...
10 апреля • articles
Vite.js: что это и зачем нужно веб-разработчику
Просмотров: 238
Vite.js - это один из инструментов для настройки сред разработки. Чаще всего используется в связке с фреймворками React и Vue. Однако функционал не ограничен только их поддержкой - инструмент способен...
Apr 8 • articles
Async void methods in C# — the dangers that you need to know
Views: 106
async void methods in C# are a source of a lot of problems for many developers getting into writing async await code. The pattern that we’re suggested to use is...
Mar 22, 2023 • books
Practical Entity Framework
Database Access for Enterprise Applications
Practical Entity Framework
Author:Brian L. Gorman
Jul 3, 2021 • books
JavaScript for sound artists
Learn to code with the Web Audio API
JavaScript for sound artists
Author:William Turner, Steve Leonard
Aug 8, 2021 • books
Microservice Patterns and Best Practices
Explore Patterns Like CQRS and Event Sourcing to Create Scalable, Maintainable, and Testable Microservices
Microservice Patterns and Best Practices
Author:Vinicius Feitosa Pacheco
18 марта 2023 • video
BMW Group Annual Conference 2023 - Our Immersive Experience
Просмотров: 2101
5 марта 2023 • video
.NET 6 ASP.NET Core Web API CRUD with Angular 13
Просмотров: 2730
30 апреля 2022 • video
BMW Group IT | Experience Industry 4.0 | BMW Group Careers
Просмотров: 2633
28 апреля 2022 • video
Пишем полифилы на JavaScript (map, reduce, flat)
Просмотров: 3130

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