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Information systems development
2 days ago
Hexagonal Architecture - What is it? Why should you use it?
Views: 336
In this article, you will learn: What is hexagonal architecture (or “ports & adapters” as this architecture is officially called)? What are the advantages...
3 days ago
Background services in .NET Core
Views: 1304
Creating background services in .NET Core is a powerful way to perform long-running, background tasks that are independent of user interaction. These tasks can range from data processing, sending batch...
12 июня
Перестаньте называть себя программистом и другие карьерные советы
Просмотров: 2494
Есть один курс, который я бы добавил в программу обучения по всякой инженерной специальности, и он не о компиляторах или сложности алгоритмов. Это “Введение в реальность индустрии”, ибо об этом...
Jun 10
Optimizing LINQ queries for performance and readability in C#
Views: 1253
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) has revolutionized the way we interact with data in C#. It offers a consistent, readable, and concise way to manipulate collections, databases, XML, and more. However,...
3 days ago
Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition
A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming
Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition
Author:Eric Matthes
May 28
Hands-On Unity 2022 Game Development, 3rd Edition
Learn to use the latest Unity 2022 features to create your first video game in the simplest way possible
Hands-On Unity 2022 Game Development, 3rd Edition
Author:Nicolas Alejandro Borromeo
May 21
Security for Containers and Kubernetes
Learn how to implement robust security measures in containerized environments
Security for Containers and Kubernetes
Author:Aversa Luigi
18 марта 2023 • video
BMW Group Annual Conference 2023 - Our Immersive Experience
Просмотров: 2389
5 марта 2023 • video
.NET 6 ASP.NET Core Web API CRUD with Angular 13
Просмотров: 2902
30 апреля 2022 • video
BMW Group IT | Experience Industry 4.0 | BMW Group Careers
Просмотров: 2846
28 апреля 2022 • video
Пишем полифилы на JavaScript (map, reduce, flat)
Просмотров: 3344

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