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Feb 19

Introduction Website downtime can be a critical issue for companies in industries such as Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Banking, especially for applications that are mission critical. It can lead to inconvenience for users and potentially result in significant financial losses. To proactively address this challenge, Azure Application Insights offers a...

Feb 15

Scenario: You are the web administrator for User Illusions, a virtual reality gaming company based in Hollywood, CA. You must ensure that your company website is up and running at all times. If an outage is detected, you must be notified so that you can take action quickly. You will...

Feb 12

Application Insights - Telemetry 1. How do I instrument (monitor/record/enabling to capture telemetry) an application? Autoinstrumentation - if you don’t have access to source code You only need to install the Application Insights SDK if: You require custom events and metrics. You require control over the flow of telemetry....


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