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Information systems development
20 advanced SQL techniques
Views: 521
Mastering SQL with practical examples SQL is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating data in relational databases. While basic SQL queries are essential, mastering advanced SQL queries empowers data professionals...
May 24
The 50 best CI/CD tools all DevOps teams should know in 2024
Views: 214
Discover the best CI/CD tools for your stack — including tools to help manage and optimize your continuous integration and delivery pipelines. The modern software development lifecycle comprises two key phases:...
May 23
Schedule Cron jobs in .NET using Hangfire
Views: 821
If you’re a .NET developer, chances are you’ve had to deal with scheduling tasks at some point. Cron jobs are a common way to do this, but they can be...
May 22
Optimizing data operations with OData in .NET 8
Views: 136
Introduction According to the people who designed it, OData (the Open Data Protocol) is “the best way to Rest”. OData is essential, a way to try and standardize REST. It’s an open protocol...
one week ago
Security for Containers and Kubernetes
Learn how to implement robust security measures in containerized environments
Security for Containers and Kubernetes
Author:Aversa Luigi
Apr 2
Full Stack GraphQL Applications
With React, Node.js, and Neo4j
Full Stack GraphQL Applications
Author:William Lyon
Mar 26
SQL Server Query Performance Tuning, 6th Edition
Troubleshoot and Optimize Query Performance
SQL Server Query Performance Tuning, 6th Edition
Author:Grant Fritchey
18 марта 2023 • video
BMW Group Annual Conference 2023 - Our Immersive Experience
Просмотров: 2264
5 марта 2023 • video
.NET 6 ASP.NET Core Web API CRUD with Angular 13
Просмотров: 2855
30 апреля 2022 • video
BMW Group IT | Experience Industry 4.0 | BMW Group Careers
Просмотров: 2820
28 апреля 2022 • video
Пишем полифилы на JavaScript (map, reduce, flat)
Просмотров: 3314

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