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15 апреля

Scheduling one or more background tasks is almost inevitable when building robust, self-sustaining APIs with .NET. A few packages have been around for years, such as Hangfire and Quartz.NET. ASP.NET Core allows background tasks to be implemented as hosted services. However, you might need something more customizable and lightweight with...

11 апреля

Sometimes you need to run scheduled tasks for your .NET web app. Automated report creation, status checks, routine admin tasks, that sort of thing. I spent the last few weeks migrating Practical ASP.NET to .NET 8 (static SSR). One requirement involved sending data to an external service. For this I...

25 марта

Creating background services in .NET Core is a powerful way to perform long-running, background tasks that are independent of user interaction. These tasks can range from data processing, sending batch emails, to file I/O operations — all critical for today’s complex application ecosystems. This guide delves deep into the architecture,...


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