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.NET Design Patterns

.NET Design Patterns


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Explore the world of .NET design patterns and bring the benefits that the right patterns can offer to your toolkit today. Knowing about design patterns enables developers to improve their code base, promoting code reuse and making their design more robust. This book focuses on the practical aspects of programming in .NET. You will learn about some of the relevant design patterns (and their application) that are most widely used. We start with classic object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, evaluate parallel programming and concurrency models, enhance implementations by mixing OOP and functional programming, and finally to the reactive programming model where functional programming and OOP are used in synergy to write better code.
Throughout this book, we’ll show you how to deal with architecture/design techniques, GoF patterns, relevant patterns from other catalogs, functional programming, and reactive programming techniques.

After reading this book, you will be able to convincingly leverage these design patterns (factory pattern, builder pattern, prototype pattern, adapter pattern, facade pattern, decorator pattern, observer pattern and so on) for your programs. You will also be able to write fluid functional code in .NET that would leverage concurrency and parallelism!

What you will learn

● Put patterns and pattern catalogs into the right perspective;
● Apply patterns for software development under C#/.NET;
● Use GoF and other patterns in real-life development scenarios;
● Be able to enrich your design vocabulary and well articulate your design thoughts;
● Leverage object/functional programming by mixing OOP and FP;
● Understand the reactive programming model using Rx and RxJs;
● Writing compositional code using C# LINQ constructs;
● Be able to implement concurrent/parallel programming techniques using idioms under .NET.

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