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Security for Containers and Kubernetes

Security for Containers and Kubernetes

Learn how to implement robust security measures in containerized environments

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A practical guide to hardening containers and securing Kubernetes deployments.

Key features

  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive security strategy for container platforms.
  • Deep dive into best practices for application security in container environments.
  • Design a logical framework for security hardening and orchestration in Kubernetes clusters.


Security for Containers and Kubernetes provides you with a framework to follow numerous hands-on strategies for measuring, analyzing, and preventing threats and vulnerabilities in continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, pods, containers, and Kubernetes clusters.

The book brings together various solutions that can empower agile teams to proactively monitor, safeguard, and counteract attacks, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations across the entire DevOps process. These solutions encompass critical tasks such as reviewing and protecting pods, container clusters, container runtime, authorization policies, addressing container security issues, ensuring secure deployment and migration, and fortifying continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows. Furthermore, the book helps you in developing a robust container security strategy and provides guidance on conducting Kubernetes environment testing. It concludes by covering the advantages of service mesh, DevSecOps methodologies, and expert advice for mitigating misconfiguration during the implementation of containerization and Kubernetes.

By the end of the book, you will have the knowledge and expertise to strengthen the overall security of your container-based applications.

What you will learn

  • Understand the risks concerning the container and orchestrator infrastructure.
  • Learn how to secure the container stack, the container image process and container registries.
  • Learn how to harden your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Deep dive into Kubernetes cloud security methodologies.
  • Explore the security nature of the cluster orchestration and governance.

Who this book is for

This book is for security practitioners, security analysts, DevOps engineers, cloud engineers, cloud architects, and individuals involved in containerization and Kubernetes deployment.

Table of Contents

1. Containers and Kubernetes Risk Analysis
2. Hardware and Host OS Security
3. Container Stack Security
4. Securing Container Images and Registries
5. Application Container Security
6. Secure Container Monitoring
7. Kubernetes Hardening
8. Kubernetes Orchestration Security
9. Kubernetes Governance
10. Kubernetes Cloud Security
11. Helm Chart Security
12. Service Mesh Security

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