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Programming HTML5 Applications

Programming HTML5 Applications

Building Powerful Cross-Platform Environments in Javascript
Author: Zacbary Kessin
Year: 2011
Format: PDF
Pages: 130
Views: 125

1.38 MB download   read

Move beyond simple site creation and build web applications with HTML5 that can compete with desktop apps and run on mobile devices. This practical guide shows you how HTML5's JavaScript APIs give you the power to take web development into many fields that used to require platform-specific development—particularly mobile deployment.

You'll not only discover how to take advantage of local storage, geolocation, multithreaded processing, and flexible network connectivity with HTML5, you'll also learn many ways to make application development with JavaScript more powerful.

  • Learn how HTML5 will bring about a radical change in web browser applications.
  • Get details about powerful toolkits that will help you program in JavaScript more efficiently.
  • Discover powerful aspects of JavaScript that you may not be aware of, such as closures, lambda, and functional programming.
  • Learn how HTML5 lets your applications store data in the browser so that you're not bound to the server.
  • Take your app offline, and explore how an offline application cache can speed up page loading when the app is online.
  • Use HTML5 Web Workers to create multithreaded applications with JavaScript.
  • Make your application mobile through geolocation and other HTML5 elements.
  • Learn a new way to communicate between the browser and a server with web sockets.
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