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28 декабря 2020 г.
Building Single Page Applications in .NET Core 3
Просмотров: 1616
Год: 2020  •  Автор: Michele Aponte  •  Страниц: 110  •  Формат: PDF  •  Размер: 2,15 MB
28 декабря 2020 г.
Exploring Blazor
Просмотров: 1405
Build and develop web applications with Blazor in C#. This book will cover all three types of Blazor – server-side, client-side, and hosted along with other features of the technology. You’ll see that Blazor is a web UI framework based on C#, Razor, and HTML and how it runs front-end...
Год: 2019  •  Автор: Taurius Litvinavicius  •  Страниц: 203  •  Формат: PDF  •  Размер: 2,57 MB
27 декабря 2020 г.
Pro ASP.NET Core 3 Now in its 8th edition, Pro ASP.NET Core has been thoroughly updated for ASP.NET Core 3. This comprehensive, full-color guide is the only book you need to learn ASP.NET Core development. Professional developers get ready to produce leaner applications for the ASP.NET Core platform. This edition puts ASP.NET Core 3 into...
Год: 2020  •  Автор: Adam Freeman  •  Страниц: 1086  •  Формат: PDF  •  Размер: 38,36 MB
14 декабря 2020 г.
Blazor Revealed
Просмотров: 1427
Build web applications in Microsoft .NET that run in any modern browser, helping you to transfer your .NET experience and skills to a new environment and build browser-based applications using a robust and type-safe language and runtime. Developing a web site with rich client-side behavior means most developers need to...
Год: 2019  •  Автор: Peter Himschoot  •  Страниц: 264  •  Формат: PDF  •  Размер: 6,42 MB
30 ноября 2020 г.
Если вы Web-разработчик и ведете разработку для браузера, то вы точно знакомы с JS, который может исполняться внутри браузера. Существует мнение, что JS не сильно подходит для сложных вычислений и алгоритмов. И хотя в последние годы JS cделал большой рывок в производительности и широте использования, многие программисты продолжают мечтать запустить...
12 октября 2020 г.
In a previous article we’ve introduced how authentication works in Blazor WebAssembly and we’ve seen a simple example on how to create a Blazor client, implement the login flow via Identity Server 4 and retrieve an access token to call a protected Web API.   However, every real-world application will sooner or...
12 октября 2020 г.
The new Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 includes support to client side authentication, which makes relatively simple to implement OpenID Connect and OAuth2 in your single page application. In other words, it means that we can finally build applications with the most recent industry standards in terms of security, enabling complex authentication...
12 октября 2020 г.
Просмотров: 452
25 августа 2020 г.
Why Share Code Across Projects/Assemblies? There are multiple reasons why you may want to share code between multiple projects/assemblies. Code reuse: This should be pretty self-explanatory. You shouldn’t have to rewrite the same code more than once. Placing reusable code in a shared library enables code reuse. ...
25 августа 2020 г.
Unless you’re perfect 100% of the time (who is?), you’ll most likely have errors in your code. If your code doesn’t build due to compilation errors, you can probably correct that by fixing the offending code. But if your application encounters runtime errors while it’s being used, you may not...
25 августа 2020 г.
Before Tag Helpers were available, you would have to use HTML Helper methods to create forms and their elements in a ASP .NET Core views. This meant that your form could look something like this: @using (Html.BeginForm()) {     <input /> } With the introduction of Tag Helpers, you can now make your web pages...
25 августа 2020 г.
In this article, we’ll continue to look at the (in-progress) NetLearner application, which was generated using multiple ASP.NET Core web app project (3.1) templates. In previous releases, the template made it very easy for you to store cookies and display a cookie policy. However, the latest version doesn’t include cookie...
25 августа 2020 г.
In my 2019 A-Z series, I covered Blazor for ASP.NET Core while it was still experimental. As of ASP.NET Core 3.1, server-side Blazor has now been released, while client-side Blazor (currently in preview) is expected to arrive in May 2020. This post will cover server-side Blazor, as seen in NetLearner. To...
25 августа 2020 г.
Authentication and Authorization are two different things, but they also go hand in hand. Think of Authentication as letting someone into your home and Authorization as allowing your guests to do specific things once they’re inside (e.g. wear their shoes indoors, eat your food, etc). In other words, Authentication lets...
25 августа 2020 г.
Просмотров: 657
A is for Authentication & Authorization B is for Blazor Full-Stack Web Dev C is for Cookies and Consent D is for Deploying to Azure App Service E is for EF Core Relationships F is for Forms & Fields G is for Generic Host Host Builder H is for Handling Errors I is for IIS Hosting J is for...
24 июля 2020 г.
Microsoft Blazor
Просмотров: 1538
Build web applications in C# and Microsoft .NET that run in any modern browser. This second edition is updated to work with the release version of Blazor and covers Blazor’s use in creating both server-side and WebAssembly Blazor applications. Developers are able to use all their experience in .NET along...
Год: 2020  •  Автор: Peter Himschoot  •  Страниц: 296  •  Формат: PDF  •  Размер: 7,52 MB
28 января 2020 г.
NetLearner: What is it? NetLearner is an ASP.NET Core web app to allow any user to consolidate multiple learning resources all under one umbrella. The codebase itself is a way for new/existing .NET developers to learn ASP.NET Core, while a deployed instance of NetLearner can be used as a curated link-sharing...

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