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Learning Domain-Driven Design

Learning Domain-Driven Design

Aligning Software Architecture and Business Strategy

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Building software is harder than ever. As a developer, you not only have to chase ever-changing technological trends but also need to understand the business domains behind the software. This practical book provides you with a set of core patterns, principles, and practices for analyzing business domains, understanding business strategy, and, most importantly, aligning software design with its business needs.

Author Vlad Khononov shows you how these practices lead to robust implementation of business logic and help to future-proof software design and architecture. You'll examine the relationship between domain-driven design (DDD) and other methodologies to ensure you make architectural decisions that meet business requirements. You'll also explore the real-life story of implementing DDD in a startup company.

With this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Analyze a company's business domain to learn how the system you're building fits its competitive strategy;
  • Use DDD's strategic and tactical tools to architect effective software solutions that address business needs;
  • Build a shared understanding of the business domains you encounter;
  • Decompose a system into bounded contexts;
  • Coordinate the work of multiple teams;
  • Gradually introduce DDD to brownfield projects.
Погружение в паттерны проектирования
Автор: Александр Швец
Год: 2021
Паттерн проектирования — это типичный способ решения какой-либо часто встречающейся проблемы, возникающей при проектировании программ. Паттерны не являются готовыми решениями, которые можно сразу скопировать в свой код. Они представляют собой общее описание решения проблемы, которое после некоторой доводки можно использовать...
Domain-Driven Design with Golang
Автор: Matthew Boyle
Год: 2022
Understand the concept of Domain-Driven design and build two DDD systems from scratch that can be showcased as part of your portfolio.Key Features Explore Domain-Driven design as a timeless concept and learn how to apply it with...
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