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Cloud Native Go

Cloud Native Go

Building Web Applications and Microservices for the Cloud with Go and React
Author: Kevin Hoffman, Dan Nemeth
Year: 2016
Format: PDF
Pages: 259
Views: 24

25.53 MB download   read

The Complete Guide to Building Cloud-Based Services.
Cloud Native Go shows developers how to build massive cloud applications that meet the insatiable demands of today’s customers, and will dynamically scale to handle virtually any volume of data, traffic, or users.

Kevin Hoffman and Dan Nemeth describe the modern cloud-native application in detail, illuminating factors, disciplines, and habits associated with rapid, reliable cloud-native development. They also introduce Go, a “simply elegant” high-performance language that is especially well-suited for cloud development.

You’ll walk through creating microservices in Go, adding front-end web components using ReactJS and Flux, and mastering advanced Go-based cloud-native techniques. Hoffman and Nemeth show how to build a continuous delivery pipeline with tools like Wercker, Docker, and Dockerhub; automatically push apps to leading platforms; and systematically monitor app performance in production.

  • Learn “The Way of the Cloud”: why developing good cloud software is fundamentally about mindset and discipline.
  • Discover why Go is ideal for cloud-native microservices development.
  • Plan cloud apps that support continuous delivery and deployment.
  • Design service ecosystems, and then build them in a test-first manner.
  • Push work-in-progress to a cloud.
  • Use Event Sourcing and CQRS patterns to react and respond to enormous volume and throughput.
  • Secure cloud-based web applications: do’s, don’ts, and options.
  • Create reactive applications in the cloud with third-party messaging providers.
  • Build massive-scale, cloud-friendly GUIs with React and Flux.
  • Monitor dynamic scaling, failover, and fault tolerance in the cloud.
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